We’ll hold KISSA CAFE! Let’s enjoy talking with other students over lunch! You can discuss some topics! You will speak both Japanese and English (mainly using Japanese) Any students can participate. Date: 10/17(Thu)12:15~13:00 (reception 12:00~) Venue: Central library Honwa-cafe (ほん和かふぇ) Fee: free You may bring lunch. You can join or leave in the middle. Please make a reservation from here↓

KISSA’s event in April! KISSA CAFE in Spring. Why don’t you come to enjoy talking with foreign and Japanese students with snacks?You can speak in both of English and Japanese. We expect many freshmans, students, and exchange students will participate!! *When:4/20 (Sat) 14:30~16:30(reception 14:00~) *Where:ほん和かふぇ in central library *Fee:free *Things to bring:nothing Please make a reservation from here↓

  We’ll hold “KISSA CAFE”! Why don’t you talk with Japanese students and foreign students at lunchtime? DATE:11/2(Fri) 12:15-12:45 VANUE: Central library Honwa-cafe (ほん和かふぇ) FEE:Free ★You may bring lunch (if you want) ★You can join or leave in the middle! ★Pictures during this event may be used for our public relations. When you don’t wanna be taken pictures, please tell us.